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Can Artificial Grass in Salt Lake City be Used in a Sleek, Modern Patio Design?

Create a Trendy Patio Design with Artificial Grass-saltlake

The short answer? Yes, artificial grass in Salt Lake City works well with modern patio design. That’s a feat because striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal can be tricky. 

Why Use Artificial Grass in Modern Patio Designs?

Artificial grass can dramatically reinvigorate modern patio designs with softness and color. Here are some reasons to integrate them into your outdoor space:

Easy Upkeep

Salt Lake City’s diverse climate can leave natural grass looking lackluster. Artificial grass, on the other hand, remains fresh and green throughout the year, with virtually no maintenance. 

From scorching summer heat to freezing winter weather, artificial turf stands up to extreme conditions. No need for watering, mowing, fertilizing, or weeding.


Artificial grass can fit any space, shape, or size, from sprawling open patios to compact vertical gardens. It can be used as a carpeted base or as a complement to other modern landscaping elements. 

The turf’s versatility makes it a perfect ally for modern patio designs, which usually feature unique and creative solutions.

Enhanced Durability

If your patio is a high-traffic area or you want to use it for various recreational activities, artificial grass is a reliable option. It lasts long, preserving its fresh and inviting look, no matter the amount of foot traffic or equipment placed on it.

10 Modern Patio Design Ideas That Incorporate Artificial Grass

Now that we’ve established why artificial grass is a smart addition to modern patio designs, let’s take a look at some fresh and exciting ideas:

1. Minimalist Green Oasis

Convert your patio into a lush green oasis with artificial grass, seamless glass railings, and minimalistic patio furniture. The grass adds a burst of life to the timeless minimalist style without adding extra maintenance tasks.

Create a soothing environment on your patio by installing a patch of artificial grass surrounded by smooth river stones and glass railings. Accent the space with a simple, streamlined bench or a pair of modernist chairs. The architectural sharpness of your furniture will contrast beautifully with the lush softness of the grass, giving your patio an inviting, fresh feel.

2. Multi-Functional Spaces

Segment your patio into functional areas using artificial grass in Salt Lake City. For example, a putting green for golf fanatics, a picnic spot, or even a zen corner for yoga and meditation.

Use artificial grass to set boundaries for different areas—each with a distinct purpose. For instance, a corner can be transformed into a mini golf area using the turf; another portion can serve as a relaxation zone with a hammock or a meditation mat.

3. Mosaic Floor Pattern

Combine artificial grass with other flooring materials like concrete, stone, or wood in an interesting mosaic pattern. This not only adds visual interest but breaks the monotony of regular flooring.

Design a vibrant mosaic floor using different flooring materials like concrete, stone, or wooden deck tiles along with artificial grass. Align each section to form a pattern that adds character to your patio. Think of geometric designs or a spiral layout for a pop of creativity.

4. Rooftop Patio

Artificial grass is perfect for rooftop patios. Lighter than traditional lawn materials and requiring no soil or mowing, it’s a smart way to bring greenery to a rooftop space.

Ideal for a city dweller, the turf allows you to create a vibrant green space on your rooftop patio. Complement it with potted plants and comfortable seating; this will provide a wonderful retreat amidst the concrete jungle.

5. Elevated Play Area

Why limit artificial grass to the ground? Use it to cover the walls of an elevated play area in your modern patio, creating a fun and safe space for the little ones.

Artificial grass can be an excellent addition to an elevated play deck on your patio. Cover the sides and bottom of the play deck with grass to provide a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing space for children to enjoy.

6. Grass-Clad Steps

Add artificial turf on your modern patio steps to create an interesting textural contrast and increase safety with its non-slip characteristics.

Covering the steps on your patio with artificial grass not only increases safety by providing a non-slip surface but also gives a unique and interesting look. It can complement additional features like wood or steel balustrades.

7. Lounge Area

Create a comfortable outdoor lounge area on your patio with grass underfoot. Accentuate this space with cushioned sofas, a coffee table, and some atmospheric lighting.

Transform a portion of your patio into a cozy lounge area. Artificial grass can lay the groundwork for a laid-back vibe. Complete the look with cushioned outdoor sofas and chairs, a coffee table for relaxing with a book or drink, and string lights for a warm glow during nighttime lounging.

8. Pet Zone

If you have a furry friend, carve out a special spot on your patio using artificial grass. It won’t be damaged by pet waste and offers a soft surface for pets to play on.

Create a special zone on your patio for your pets. Install some artificial grass as a playing spot. It’s resilient to scratches and can handle pet waste effectively. Add some outdoor pet toys, a bed, and a pet-friendly water feature to keep them entertained and comfortable.

9. Integrating Water Features

Pair artificial grass in Salt Lake City with modern water features on your patio. The juxtaposition of lush green grass and a sleek fountain or pool will add a sophisticated touch to your patio design.

A sleek, modern water feature like a fountain or reflecting pool can contrast brilliantly with a patch of artificial grass. Arrange sitting arrangements alongside to enjoy the tranquil environment created by the soft hum of the water and the lush greenery.

10. Outdoor Dining Area

Imagine dining al fresco, with the feel of grass underfoot. A dining area anchored by artificial grass can add a delightful textural and visual element to your patio.

Craft an outdoor dining experience on your patio with artificial grass at its heart. Place your dining set on the turf, hang some twinkling lights above, and enjoy your meals with a refreshing outdoor ambiance.

Elevate Your Modern Patio’s Look and Functionality

Unlock your modern patio’s design potential today! Salt Lake City Artificial Grass is available for a free consultation to help you integrate artificial grass into your patio design. Let’s create an inviting outdoor space that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Contact us online or call us at 408-317-0931 today.