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Artificial Turf in Salt Lake City: The Perfect Solution for Senior-Friendly Pool Surrounds

Benefits of Poolside Artificial Turf for Seniors-saltlake

A lawn might make your poolside look stunning, but it’s not the best idea for pools that the elderly use. Not only can it hide uneven flooring, but it can also become slippery and cause other problems for seniors. Fortunately, you don’t have to forget about having green groundcovers beside your amenity. 

Switching to artificial turf in Salt Lake City will give you the same look as the real thing on top of these benefits: 

1. Enhanced Safety with Artificial Turf

Artificial grass provides secure footing for bare wet feet that natural grass can’t guarantee. It doesn’t turn slick when wet, thus minimizing the hazard of slips and falls around the pool—a critical factor in ensuring safety for seniors. 

In the unfortunate event of a stumble or fall, the softer artificial surface offers a gentler landing compared to natural grass filled with compacted soil and rocks. It’s like adding an invisible safety net around your pool.

2. Artificial Turf is Low Maintenance

Artificial grass offers the beauty of a lush, green lawn without associated tedious chores. For seniors, it saves the physical exertion of mowing, watering, trimming, and fertilizing. 

Picture our grand generation, taking it easy, free from wrestling bulky garden equipment or struggling with the hose. Cleaning is simple too – a quick sweep or hose down is all it takes to keep your synthetic turf looking pristine.

3. Water Conservation with Artificial Turf

In our arid Salt Lake City climate, water is precious, and we must use it responsibly. Natural grass drinks gallons, but artificial turf stays lush and green without a drop. 

This extreme water efficiency reduces your bills and conserves our water resources—a satisfying win on both environmental and monetary fronts. Seniors can enjoy the sight of a verdant oasis without the guilt of water overconsumption.

4. Durability

The resilience of artificial turf in Salt Lake City makes it an unbeatable choice for Salt Lake City homes. It withstands the city’s unpredictable weather—from blistering heat to downpours—without losing its vibrant color or shape. 

The elderly can witness the seasons change without the concern of their lawn deteriorating or becoming a mud pit. It’s a stress-free solution that ensures the poolside remains a welcoming space for family gatherings and tranquil relaxation.

5. Allergy-Free

Artificial turf brings relief from pollen allergies. Natural grass pollinates, triggering allergies that can cause discomfort for the elderly. 

But imagine basking in the warm Salt Lake City sun, poolside, without a worry of sneezing or itchy eyes. Hypoallergenic artificial turf ensures a comfortable, relaxing outdoor experience – a blessing seniors can enjoy day after day.

6. Pest Control

A less-talked-about but equally important benefit of artificial turf is pest control. Mosquitoes, bugs, rodents, and other pests love natural grass, but they find artificial turf unappealing. 

Synthetic turf ends the cycle of pests invading senior-friendly spaces, offering peace of mind and removing the possible health risks these unwelcome visitors pose. It’s a relief knowing there won’t be any uninvited “guests” at the pool party!

7. Aesthetics and Property Value

Artificial turf in Salt Lake City teems with vibrancy throughout the year, mimicking the beauty of natural grass but without its downsides. This makes the poolside enticing for seniors year-round, eager to enjoy their leisurely afternoons in an evergreen space. 

The turf’s longevity and exceptional visual appeal can increase a property’s value—an appealing prospect for any homeowner wishing to leverage their investment.

Turn Your Poolside Into a Senior-Friendly Oasis

Ready to experience these benefits? By investing in artificial turf for your poolscape, you’re investing in a beautiful, safer, and more comfortable space for seniors. 

Don’t wait—contact Salt Lake City Artificial Grass for top-notch synthetic turf products and solutions. Together, let’s create an improved poolside living experience that adds joy to your golden years. Call us now at 408-317-0931 or fill out our contact form for a free consultation!