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Benefits of Poolside Artificial Turf for Seniors-saltlake

A lawn might make your poolside look stunning, but it’s not the best idea for pools that the elderly use. Not only can it hide uneven flooring, but it can also become slippery and cause other problems for seniors. Fortunately, you don’t have to forget about having green groundcovers beside your amenity.  Switching to artificial…

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Factors to Consider When Designing a Pro-Level Putting Green - salt lake-min

Many Salt Lake City residents enjoy golf as a pastime. Some have taken their passion a step further by installing a putting green installation in Salt Lake, Utah in their backyard. Imagine having your very own, professional-level golf course that not only serves as a source of leisure but also enhances the aesthetic value of…

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Common Paw Injuries Puppies Can Suffer in a Yard- saltlake artificial grass

As a puppy owner, your furry friend’s health and well-being are your top priorities, so pay close attention to your yard. Many are surprised to learn that a simple run in the grass can result in serious paw injuries. On the bright side, covering your yard with dog-friendly artificial turf in Salt Lake, Utah never…

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Artificial Grass for Safe and Pristine Play Area-saltlake

The ever-expanding concrete jungles of Salt Lake City can sometimes feel lifeless and drab. If concrete is king in your neighborhood, natural grass can bring some life to your landscaping. But beware; growing and maintaining a lawn can be an uphill battle. The great news is you can have a vibrant, cost-effective, and sustainable lawn without…

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Artificial Grass Color Selection Tips From Experts-saltlake

Can’t decide on whether to get artificial grass in Salt Lake City in natural shades of green or bright, vibrant colors? Follow this guide to narrow down your options and determine the best hue for your home.  Artificial Grass Color Selection Tips From Experts Turf experts recommend doing the following to choose the best color…

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Benefits of Artificial Putting Green for Golfers-saltlake-min

The perfect playing surface is crucial when honing your golf skills and enjoying the game to its fullest. Unfortunately, it’s hard to ensure that with a natural putting green. After all, growing grass can be time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive. Artificial grass can save you from all that trouble with a hassle-free putting green installation in…

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Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dog Owners - salt lake

Artificial turf in Salt Lake City can make the lives of dog owners easier, as it offers a variety of benefits that natural grass can never match. Intrigued? Read on to find out the reasons why pet parents love synthetic turf. We’ll also address some frequently asked questions about the topic. Benefits of Artificial Grass…

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Enjoy Your Golden Years with Artificial Turf - salt lake-min

Salt Lake City is a popular spot for retirement, and it’s no wonder why – the beautiful scenery, friendly community, and fun activities make it a great place to spend your golden years. As you get older, it’s important to prepare for a comfortable and safe living environment. That means making modifications to your home…

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How Much Can You Save with Residential Artificial Turf-saltlake

If you currently have a natural lawn, you’re already familiar with the hassle and expense of maintaining one. A green and grassy yard is amazing in theory, but when you’re wasting weekends pulling out weeds and paying massive water bills, the magic quickly fades. Residential artificial turf in Salt Lake, Utah can help you save…

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6 Signs a Putting Green Installation in Salt Lake, Utah Is For You

Professional golfers are not the only ones who could gain a lot from an artificial putting green installation in Salt Lake, Utah. Even weekend golfers and people who have never played the sport can enjoy it. If that sparked your interest and you have space to spare in your yard, then you might want to…

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