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How to Calculate Your Potential Savings with Residential Artificial Turf in Salt Lake, Utah

If you currently have a natural lawn, you’re already familiar with the hassle and expense of maintaining one. A green and grassy yard is amazing in theory, but when you’re wasting weekends pulling out weeds and paying massive water bills, the magic quickly fades. Residential artificial turf in Salt Lake, Utah can help you save time, money and energy while cutting down on your environmental footprint.

How Much Can You Save with Residential Artificial Turf-saltlake

Still, artificial grass installation naturally costs more upfront than grass seeds. We know you want to make sure that you’re making a smart investment. What better way to do that than to crunch the numbers?

The Costs of a Natural Lawn

Natural grass seems “cheap” up front. You don’t have to pay for anything other than the seed and maybe a few soil amendments. But it’s the long-term care that gets you.

Maintenance Expenses

To begin with, there are a number of costs associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. Just some examples are regular mowing, edging, overseeding and aerating, as well as regular fertilizer and toxic pesticide treatments.

Unless you pay someone to do these for you, these tasks may seem “free.” But how much time and energy have you spent doing them? That time and energy is worth something.

By contrast, residential artificial grass does not need to be mowed, edged or seeded. It doesn’t require any fertilizer or other chemical treatments, and it doesn’t need to be aerated at all.

In other words, when you install residential artificial grass, you can eliminate the cost associated with these maintenance activities.

Water Consumption

Another area where installing residential artificial grass can save you money is water usage. Natural grass needs regular watering to stay healthy and green, but artificial turf does not – in fact, it uses practically no water at all! This means that you can save on your water bill every month when you switch to synthetic turf.

Energy Bills

Finally, installing residential artificial turf in Salt Lake, Utah is also a great way to save on energy costs. Because it doesn’t need to be mowed or watered regularly (or at all,)      there’s no need to use energy-guzzling gardening tools or pumps.

This means that you can cut your energy expenditure significantly simply by replacing your natural grass with synthetic turf.

Calculate How Much You Can Save with Artificial Grass

Now, let’s move on to the process of calculating your potential cost savings. Be as detailed as you can. We recommend sitting down with a pen, paper, and calculator so you can really visualize the figures. Follow these steps:


  • In one column, list every single thing you do to maintain your natural lawn.
  • Include the time you spend on it, as well as the money (in dollars) that you pay for supplies or professional services.
  • Break down the total for each month and year.
  • In the next column, list the maintenance tasks required for artificial grass (brushing the lawn, occasional rinsing, etc.)
  • Compare your totals for natural lawn maintenance versus synthetic turf maintenance.

The savings are going to be phenomenal, and that’s not including the stress, energy and time you can save by switching to artificial grass in Salt Lake City.

Keep in mind that you also get many other benefits from installing residential artificial grass, such as a far more visually appealing lawn and the assurance that you’re helping to reduce the environmental damage caused by natural grass.

Explore Your Artificial Turf Options in Salt Lake!

So, if you want to reduce your household bills, improve the appearance of your backyard, and be kinder to the environment too – consider installing artificial turf in Salt Lake City. It could be just the ticket when it comes to helping you save money in the long run.

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