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Awesome Benefits of Artificial Turf in Salt Lake City for Dog Playgrounds +Feature Ideas

Artificial Turf in Salt Lake City for the Best Dog Playground

Your dogs probably know every nook and cranny in your backyard. They’ve explored it a lot of times, which probably means that they consider it safe and a bit boring. Why not bring back the spark of outdoor play times for them with a doggy playground? It’ll give your dogs more things to do when they spend time in your yard. You can incorporate artificial turf in Salt Lake City into it to ensure it’s pet-proof and pet-friendly.

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Doggy Playgrounds

Artificial grass is soft and paw-friendly, and your dogs will love playing on it. Its fibers mesh in a tight weave, so there’s no risk of their nails catching on its surface when they play.

Moreover, synthetic turf can absorb impact, which reduces the risk of injuries if your dogs take a tumble while they’re having fun. So don’t worry if you spot your dogs playing rough and rolling around it.

On top of that, artificial grass repels pests, which can help you keep your pups safe from bug bites. It stays short, reducing tick, flea and mosquito hiding spots. It also doesn’t have any organic matter for other critters to feed on.

Worried about your pups ruining artificial turf in Salt Lake City? Don’t be. Artificial grass is impervious to dog damage. So your dogs can dig, run, play and lie on it as much as they want, and it’ll still look great. You can count on a turf installation to last years without needing replacement.

And if that’s not enough, synthetic grass also has great drainage, so it won’t form puddles when dogs pee on it. It has antimicrobial properties that help prevent bacteria from growing in the fibers of the turf.

Finally, you can also wash and disinfect the artificial grass as often as you want. All of these benefits will help you keep your dogs clean, safe and healthy while they play in the playground.

Dog Playground Ideas for Your Backyard

Can’t decide on what features to add to your doggy playground? Consider these ideas:

Tire Tunnels

Your dogs will not only enjoy going through the tires, but they’ll also have a blast playing with the tires once they’re done. You can cover the tires or the floor of the tunnel with artificial grass in Salt Lake City to make them blend with the rest of your yard.

Mini Obstacle Course

If your pups are looking for a little more than just running through tires, set up a mini obstacle course instead. This way they’ll get some exercise while having fun. You can cover all surfaces of the course with artificial grass so that it’s easy on their paws.


Teeter-totters are great for dogs who love to run and jump up high. You can make them wood or plastic. Place them on artificial grass, which can soften any impact if any of your dogs slips or falls off!

Make the Perfect Pet Play Space With Residential Artificial Turf in Salt Lake, Utah

For pet-friendly artificial grasses that will make your dog playground look like an evergreen wonderland, look no further than Salt Lake City Artificial Grass. We can help you find the perfect turf for you and your pets and install it for you as well. With our turf experts on the job, you’ll have the perfect dog playground in no time. Send us a message online today to request a quote!