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Why Dog-Friendly Artificial Turf in Salt Lake Utah Is Perfect for Puppies

Benefits of Dog-Friendly Artificial Turf for Puppies

Whether you’re a first-time puppy owner or a seasoned pro, you want what’s best for your furry friend. Puppies are curious, playful and energetic. A lawn seems like an ideal play space for them, with its lush, vibrant turf. The bad news is that real grass can hide hazards that can harm puppies—like sharp sticks and poisonous plants. Find the perfect alternative in dog-friendly artificial turf in Salt Lake.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Puppies

Here are some of the reasons why you should install synthetic grass in your yard for your puppies:

It’s Soft and Paw-Friendly

Your puppy’s paws will thank you for installing artificial grass, which is much softer than real grass. This means that it won’t hurt their paw pads when they walk, which reduces the risk of sores or calluses.Moreover, synthetic turf doesn’t store heat like natural grass. It doesn’t get hot enough to burn sensitive paws.

It Doesn’t Produce Grass Seeds

Puppies use all their senses to explore their surroundings. There’s a good chance that they’ll want to touch and eat everything they see—including grass seeds. These tiny seeds have barbed ends that can latch on to fur and skin, and cause infections.With dog-friendly artificial turf in Salt Lake, you don’t have to worry about this issue. It doesn’t produce any seeds at all unlike real grass.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Artificial grass doesn’t produce pollen. This is a major advantage if your puppy has sensitive skin or allergies.Even if your pup is not allergic to pollen, you can still enjoy this feature if you plan to host puppy playdates in your yard. There’s no guarantee that none of your furry guests have pollen allergies.

It Deters Ticks and Fleas

Ticks can carry diseases like Lyme disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. Meanwhile, fleas can transmit tapeworms to dogs, which can cause serious health issues.

These parasites love moist, warm places like natural lawns. But synthetic grass dries quickly and stays cool even during hot weather, which is why ticks and fleas tend to avoid it. That means your puppy is less likely to get ticks and fleas on an artificial lawn than on a real lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Puppy Owners

Your puppy isn’t the only one getting something out of artificial turf in Salt Lake City. You also gain a lot when you cover your yard with pet turf.

It’s Dig-Proof

If your puppy loves digging, you’ll soon have a yard filled with holes. But that won’t be the case if it’s covered by artificial grass. Even the most determined puppies can’t break through its dense, synthetic fibers. That means you don’t have to fill up holes and replace turf after puppy play times.

It’s Easy to Clean

Fake grass requires next to no maintenance—a quick wipedown or rinsing every once in a while will do the trick.And if you want to be thorough, all you need is a brush,some soap and warm water (no bleach or harsh chemicals!) You can also use enzyme cleaners and deodorizers to keep your puppy’s bathroom spots clean and fresh.

Give Your Puppies the Perfect Play Area With Residential Artificial Turf in Salt Lake Utah

Puppy owners, we know how much you love your pets. We also know that it’s important to keep them safe and happy while they’re running around outside. That’s why we offer a variety of pet-friendly artificial grass products here at Salt Lake City Artificial Grass. Our artificial turf installers can help you get started in no time.

If you want to learn more about our products or set an appointment with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us or send us a message online. We look forward to helping you create the perfect space for your furry friend!